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Here Comes ‘Spark’, a Social Network for Shoppers by Amazon.com


Here comes ‘Spark’, the newest kid on the social media market by Amazon.com. E-commerce giant Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has stepped into the social networking arena with its latest newbie, ‘Spark’. This new app allows users to showcase, market, discuss products and then sell them. The company, for now, has made Amazon Spark available only to its Prime members. The service right now is available only on iOS-based mobile devices but the company plans to have it available on other devices as well. As per close sources to the company, Amazon.com is set to make Spark available to Android devices and users in the relatively near future.

Amazon.com’s move has been seen as a similar step taken by many of the biggest technology companies on the social media market like Facebook and Snapchat. Many believe it is a similar move to what Facebook did by acquiring Instagram and feeding it with Snapchat like features, which actually did the deal for them. This time, it looks like Amazon is following Facebook’s footsteps by launching ‘Spark’, an app similar to Pinterest. Amazon Spark gives the users the option of exchanging photos, videos and other media similar to other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

The company has said in a blog post that commemorates the features and benefits of Amazon Spark. It has been hailed as a place to discover new things with people who share similar interests. It has been promoted as a platform for discovering, shopping and sharing stories and ideas in an interactive community. The application requires users to make at least five interests which they would like to follow. Users can choose from a wide array of categories like Books, Style & Fashion, Games, Technology, Home Décor, Fitness, Toys, Music, Cats, Internet of Things, TV Binge Watching, BBQ, and so on. The choices selected by you help Amazon create a feed of content that will be available for you. After completing the setup, the heavy feed of products, ideas, and other stores will be displayed. Users can then shop in their feeds by clicking on the links to the products or photos or videos by clicking on an attractive shopping bag option.

The new ‘Spark’ app comes just days after its Annual Prime Day which reportedly had record sales this year. Along with ‘Spark’ the company is also seeing a huge surge in the sale other products like Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. It was estimated that the sales of just these two products were three to seven times higher as compared to previous year’s Prime Day. It was a win-win situation even for the third party sellers as they reportedly sold 50% more items compared to previous year’s event.

Amazon Spark is part of the larger picture that includes recent launches of other applications like Amazon Wardrobe, and Amazon Pay Places. Whether Spark becomes a global phenomenon like Instagram or Pinterest is yet to be seen.