Home News China Claims Being A Top Notch In AI Leadership By 2030

China Claims Being A Top Notch In AI Leadership By 2030

China Claims Being A Top Notch In AI Leadership By 2030

BEIJING: A global leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in almost a decade is the goal announced by the Chinese government. The government is seemed to be putting political muscle behind Chinese companies, who have sustained the growth of investment and also in the development of self driving cars and other advances.

A Cabinet statement was released by the Communist leaders, who see AI as the key in making China an “economic power”. To overcome certain hurdles, they insisted on developing skills, research and educational resources by the year 2025 and make their nation a world leader by 2030. Apart from AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, renewable energy and electric powered motor-vehicles are the other sectors where the leaders sought taking up an early acceleration on the global scale and proceed by replacing manpower (farmers and workers) with machine empowering man.

The announcement came in response to earlier issued development plans which acquired complaints of an improper subsidy for technology advancements, veiling the competition and violating free trade commitments.

The leading Chinese firms like Tencent Ltd., Baidu Inc. and Alibaba Group are heavy on investments for developing AI, consumer finance, automated motor vehicles, e-commerce and other applications. The rising labour cost is forcing these firms to replace man with machines and also for improving efficiency.

The statement casted no light regarding financial commitments or legal modifications. But the earlier initiatives to develop solar power and other technologies included permit to research and rules regarding sales and export.

“By 2030, our country will reach a world leading level in artificial intelligence theory, technology and application and become a principal world centre for artificial intelligence innovation,” the statement concluded.
This will help China “in the forefront of innovative countries and an economic power,” it said.

The statement followed a cleansing plan which was issued in 2015, dubbed “Made in China 2025”, that tends the nation to become a self-supplier of high-tech components and materials in over 10 industries from IT (Information Technology) and aerospace to even pharmaceuticals.

The industry minister of China defends the plan that cited claims of blocking access in prominent industries swaying support to its fledgling suppliers, by saying “All competitors will be treated equally”. It also overruled complaints by denying any foreign involvement by bartering gain over market access.

A brief look at the past of China shows that there had been a mixed success with earlier laid strategies for the development of technology industries, renewable energy and electric cars, both inclusive.