Home Business McCain’s Returns To Senate: Gives GOP Health-Care Battle A Push!!

McCain’s Returns To Senate: Gives GOP Health-Care Battle A Push!!

McCain’s Returns To Senate: Gives GOP Health-Care Battle A Push!!

Sen. John McCain who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor is all set to return to Washington DC. The star politician will be taking a critical vote on the much talked about health-care laws in the nation under the present Donald Trump regime. The current healthcare laws in the country are expected to take a historic turn once the Senate Republicans’ drive to pass a sweeping vote falls into the right frame. The moment McCain’s return was announced by his office the news of his critical and vote on the GOP bill is going round all over the United States. John has been convalescing in Arizona from surgery and treatment options.

McCain’s announcement comes just at the right moment when some top Senate GOP leaders vested their confidence in the small yet important changes in the Affordable Care Act. The negotiations on the Act are expected to continue well into the fall. Despite McCain’s return, it is still however unclear whether he would support the bill in clearing key procedural hurdles as he has already expressed his concerns about the bill in the past. A group of Republicans is abuzz with the speculation that there might be a chance of keeping the month-long effort alive by securing the much-needed votes which almost saw a dead end last week.

The prospect of the whole GOP health care battle seems to be heading nowhere. Even President Trump’s threat to urge the Republican senators to get behind the effort fails to reap any public support. Many in the Senate are confused about their own leadership even if they go ahead with the voting. Some are skeptical that even if the vote turns out to be a success, there is no guarantee that the bill gets passed.

As per the official statement released by McCain’s office, it is noted that the senator looks forward to returning to the United States on Wednesday. On return to his office, McCain is expected to get back on the table and work on important legislations that include health care reforms, the National Defense Authorization Act, and new policies on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Meanwhile, Monday afternoon turned far from normal when President Trump at a White House event forcefully encouraged the Senate Republicans to vote “yes” on the procedural motion to allow debate to begin on the much talked health-care legislation.

In his quest to get the new health-care bill passed, Trump seems to be leaving nothing behind. While addressing a gathering of the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, Trump urged his health and human services secretary, Tom Price to pressurize West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito to vote in favor of the health-care bill. Sources close the POTUS said that Price’s job might be at stake if he doesn’t round up enough votes.

McCain is seen as someone who balances both sides of the aisle when it comes to the GOP health care bill. The news of his brain tumor has sent the whole in dark and his return is sure to be a morale booster for his pals in both parties. Whether he supports the bill or not is yet to be seen but McCain’s vote may prove critical in the much-needed support to initiate the all important debate on the health-care bill. Speaking to the media on Monday evening, Texas Senator and the chamber’s lead GOP vote-counter, John Cornyn said that he was confident of getting the all important votes on the bill even without John McCain’s support.

Maine Senator, Susan Collins was all praise for McCain. Talking about fellow senator’s health and the road to recovery, she said that McCain is an extraordinarily brave person and he will not be bogged down by health issues. In McCain’s absence, Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell can afford just one GOP defection. McConnell and Trump have been left in a fix with many Republican senators raising objections to the health-care proposal that was offered.

In a statement given at White House on Monday, President Trump billed Obamacare as a nightmare and urged all the senators to vote in favor of his proposed health care bill. Trump has time and again praised his health-care as the right move for the American people. Trump’s second in command, Vice President, Mike Pence is also doing his best to woo the senators to pass a health-care overhaul. As per the report, he was seen making his way towards Mitch McConnell’s Capitol Hill office on late Monday afternoon where the voting was going on. Meanwhile, Kentucky Senator, McConnell has urged his fellow senators to vote on Tuesday to open what he calls “robust debate” on health care. While giving a speech on the Senate floor, he said that it will be a “yes” from him and will urge other Senators to do the same. It should also be noted that a flurry of problems awaits McConnell, who has insisted on taking up the uneasy legislation. A key factor in deciding the future of the legislation is that it should receive 50 votes in order to get approved.

McConnell’s plan is drawing strong criticism from all sides. The ones against him range from moderate senators who disagree with the Medicaid cuts to conservatives who have been campaigning against the bill for last seven years. According to the conservatives, the bill lacks the package to be a long term prospect in the American health sector. Despite a lot happening, there still pandemonium about which direction the senators are headed this Tuesday if the voting starts as none of the option presented by McConnell has any strong backing. Many senators have come forward and said that they would simply not vote “yes” on any of the plans that have been floated so far. Those against it include Senator Rand Paul and Susan Collins.

Another idea that gained some momentum late Monday was to scale down the proposals and find a briefer and narrower bill. This would not only set-up a House-Senate conference but also give the Republicans more time to settle the differences between the two proposals. The congressional leaders have reportedly been leaning against the original bill and if the Senate approves the legislation, they would approve the Senate bill once it gets approved in the upper chamber. Officially the Senate is planning to vote on a motion of a House-passed repeal-and-replace bill. Senator McConnell reminded everyone of the overwhelming GOP support that was received by the 2015 repeal-only bill. He compared President Trump to veto the decision of the Senate just as President Barack Obama did in 2015.