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Pressure Mounts On Facebook, Google, And Twitter As EU Pushes For Better User Terms

Pressure Mounts On Facebook, Google, And Twitter As EU Pushes For Better User Terms

The pressure on social media and technology giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google keeps mounting as the European Union authorities have asked them to amend their user terms. The move comes as a result of the failed proposal that was submitted by these tech giants. The proposals were deemed insufficient by the EU authorities as they failed to come in line with the EU laws regarding the user terms of such services.

The European Union authorities don’t want to hold back at any limits when it comes to talking about user terms of these tech giants. In June 2017, the European Commission and consumer protection authorities wrote to the three companies asking them to amend their proposed changes in user terms by end of September this year. According to the official letter sent to the trio of tech giants, the three companies had until July 20th to submit new amended proposals which should come into action by September. The letters sent to the companies Facebook, Twitter and Google+ unit of Google clearly state that the EU authorities are not going hold back at taking any action. The authorities also hold the power to issue fines and other penalties if the companies fail to comply with certain terms and condition set by the EU.

However, the representatives of Facebook, Twitter & Google are yet to make any statement on the said condition. Europe is a huge market for all the three tech giants and under no circumstances, the companies are going let that go away. Owing to the increased reports of abuse on social media platforms and the quality of content on the three sites, EU wants to take no chances in creating a better online environment for its natives. The move by EU focuses mainly on the procedures and techniques that social media companies have set up to make social media a better and safer place. These include measures to counter the problem of illegal content, limiting their liability and unilaterally remove abusive content posted by notorious users.

Sources close to the matter stated that two of the companies have already submitted amended proposals while the third company requested for more time, however, the names of the specific company are still undisclosed. It was in March this year that the tech trio had first proposed to make changes in their terms and conditions. One of the major points of concern in the proposals sent in March was that the users were forced into seeking a solution of their problems raised in California, a US state where the companies are based. The European consumers didn’t like the idea of companies sorting those issues in the US rather than the consumer’s home country.

For long, US tech companies have been facing a tight scrutiny in the European market. A large reason for this is the way these companies do business, especially when it comes to privacy issues and illegal or threatening content on their websites. The EU authorities and commission have asked the companies to provide a clearer and detailed report on dealing with the problem of content that is deemed illegal under EU consumer laws. To lesser the hassles, it is also been advised to the companies to provide users with suitable notifications and a challenging opportunity every time their content or post is removed from the website.