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Tesco to Bring a Revolution in its Online Delivery Service: Same Day Delivery in UK


Tesco raises the mercury high in the competitive market by declaring that it will come with the same day online delivery of grocery items across the UK covering almost 99% of households here. It is challenging Amazon with this new service.

This Monday the biggest supermarket chain in Britain revealed; the service that was available in London and the entire southwest region will now pile out all over the country.

Tesco stated that it would reach out to the customers with its biggest amount of retailer in the UK, stretching from the Scotland’s Shetland Islands to the Cornwall of southwest England.

It said that once customers place their order by 1 pm they can expect their items to be delivered from 7 pm onwards that very day itself. They can expect an unlimited number of items with this new pilled-out service having a price range between £3 to that of £8.

It also is seen that Tesco exceeded its service of same-day click and collect to approx 300k locations in the UK. A recent launch of service last month, for the customers of central London it started one-hour delivery service; known as the Tesco New.

Whereas, Amazon on the other hand in collaboration with Morrisons, offers some of its customers with one-hour ordered food delivery.

At this Amazon’s service is exclusively available only in Hertfordshire and London, though its thinking of expanding its service nationwide.

Accounting to almost 43% shares in online sales Amazon holds the 4th biggest business position in the US.

Texas takes this move of the same day online delivery after getting a push due to Amazon’s Whole Foods buying within $13.7bn in the supermarket chain. This had set the biggest competition into the traditional retailing so far.

This stiff competition in the price range made Tesco come up with this new service that will be a boon to their online business market and re-strengthen the shopping service.