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Celgene Assented to $280 Million Payment: Shuts Door to Illegal Spread of Cancer Drugs

Celgene Corporation Penalized

The Celgene Corporation, a pharmaceutical company has cut a deal to pay $200 million for settling a federal lawsuit proclaiming it for a fraud marketing of two cancer drugs without any approved purposes. This statement was claimed by the company itself on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

A lawsuit was filed by a whistle blower- stating the settlement terms- one of Celegene’s former sales representatives speaks about this saying; that $20.7 million for 28 states and the Districts of Columbia, and $259.3 million for the United States, will be paid by the company.

They say that doctors are permitted to prescribe for any kinds of drug recommended, but it is illegal to promote drugs without any prescription and drugs, which have not been approved by the “Food and Drug Administration”.

Beverly Brown was the one to file the law suit that was brought on behalf of the Government of the U.S. She could receive an amount of $84 million as her fair share of this settlement.

Celgene dropped the wrong doings from happening and settled to avoid any unreliability, expensive litigation, and diversion said by the company in their statement.

Cancer Drugs are hard to come by in the off-label so-called marketing cases, and often unapproved drugs are prescribed by the oncologists taking a risk in the belief to fight against this deadly disease.

The company had this abrupt idea by saying that the cancer patients might be badly in need of these drugs but even if they are counting their last days the company cannot take the responsibility for pushing them faster towards death by marketing these illegal non-certified drugs.

Hence this settlement by the company is the latest chapter for the spread of notorious “Thalidomide” drug, developed by a German company and was marketed worldwide. In spite of its un-approval, the immense need made it approved. Thus an approved and certified drug by the company is not only effective but is highly reliable.