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Apple Says Good Bye To iPod Nano And Shuffle But Doubles The iPod Touch Capacities

Apple Says Good Bye To iPod Nano And Shuffle But Doubles The iPod Touch Capacities

After 12 years, apple kills iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. The Big giant ‘Apple’ confirms to discontinue two music players on Thursday. The step was taken into consideration after being admitting the new era fact that most of the people now store or stream their tunes on their smart phones rather than utilizing iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle. Though Apple didn’t kill iPod product line completely and decided to continue selling its internet connected iPod Touch.

The Company Apple is all set to increase the capacities of its iPod Touch to 32GB at $199 and 128GB at $299. “Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,” An Apple spokesperson quoted.

The Nano and Shuffle was brought into the market in 2005 as inexpensive and tiny alternatives to Apple’s standard iPod. Both the mp3 iPod has not been updating for several years by the Cupertino, California, company. This might be because Apple was aware of the fact that iPods would gradually fade away from the market as more people are buying iPhones or other smartphones that are capable of playing music. Talking about the peak year of iPods’ sale was 2008 when Apple generated revenue of $9.2billion. And in the same year, iPhone’s revenue accounted for $1.8 billion. But now you can see the dramatic change in the revenue of iPhone as the last year (2016) iPhone accounted for nearly $136 billion. Today sales of iPods have plunged by so much that the big giant ‘Apple’ no longer offers specifics about the devices in its financial statements.

The iPod Touch got double storage at the same price which is fairly awesome. It’s a great chance to reflect the importance and role the music player and its software companion iTunes rendered in returning Apple to its former glory. Though the iPod wasn’t the primary MP3 player yet it was the tech’s true breakthrough.

Introduced in the year 2001, the iPod’s click wheel device would continue to become identical with space and quickly became this era’s a truly iconic piece of user hardware with an amazing promise of keeping “1000 songs in your pocket” quoted Steve Jobs.

iPod Classic got ditched after the arrival of Nano and shuffle due to the compatibility of it as it had small sizes and were easy to carry around with your phone. Shuffle was launched in early 2005, with nano rocking the same year, taking over the short-lived mini. Each product played a specific role in the iPod ecosystem. The iPod Shuffle got popularity due to its entry-level iPod character that had a bit of Russian roulette approach to the music world, because of its small screen.

Both the music players were taken into fitness buffs as it had the perfect compact size and absence of the spinning hard drive made it flawless and best. The spinning hard drive was the drawback of iPod classic. The iPod Nano was the first device to work with top well-known brand Nike as Nike+iPod fitness tracking system.

In a nutshell, twelve years isn’t such a bad run. There is no doubt that the products will live on through eBay auctions for years.