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Rolls Royce ‘Rolls’ Out The All New Phantom VIII- The New Face of Luxury

Rolls Royce ‘Rolls’ Out The All New Phantom VIII- The New Face of Luxury

After much buzz, luxury car giant Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has finally unveiled the much anticipated new Phantom VIII. The eighth generation of this luxury car comes packed with all new architectures, a complete design refit along with your very own personalized gallery. It is the most technologically and futuristic car designed by the British motor car maker till date.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The whole motoring world was abuzz with the release of Phantom as it stands at the pinnacle of motoring luxury in the world today. The company is aware of the high expectation that the customers have with this luxury car so Rolls Royce has left nothing to chance. Even with more expensive and luxurious cars out there in the market, Rolls Royce Phantom has been the first choice for the world’s most influential since the first ever car rolled out by Sir Henry Royce in 1925.

The project is a dream that came to reality taking over five years. The team of Rolls Royce, including the creative director and designers, went to the pretty west London Street of Westbourne Grove which is lined up with numerous pastel colored Victorian homes, articulate shops and beautiful boutiques. For the first time, the team of a motor car company took inspiration from architects, designers, and craftsmen while exploring out of the conventional automotive world. Peeping into the world of modern British lifestyle, the team observed the magnificence of the buildings, exhibitions, and local cafes thus returning to Goodwood and starting the initial sketches.

Rolls Royce Phantom Interiors

Designing the new Phantom VIII was a challenge in itself as it required a pivotal understanding of the esteemed ultra-modern and luxurious Rolls-Royce customers. The car is designed to leave a distinct impression on the watchers or onlookers. To make it an elegant piece of art, the core of the car is all new all-aluminum space frame architecture. Calling the car as ‘architecture of luxury’, the vehicle is designed to be a complete ‘magic carpet ride’ for the patrons. Phantom VIII delivers generous cabin space, comfort, great acoustics and much more- something which the following model’s Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn will also have.

The car carries the classic Phantom sculpture- a short front, long rear overhang, upright front and a flowing rear. The side of this beauty is a large single piece of soft handcrafted- polished stainless steel structure that evokes simple elegance. The grille is hand-polished, integrated into the bodywork. The headlamp is not only sleek but powerful enough with an advanced laser light that covers well over 600 meters. The company has though stayed with the classic rear design of the car, something that the company has maintained since the models of early 1950’s and 60’s. It is not the exterior of Phantom VIII but its interior that makes you fall in love with the car.

Rolls Royce Phantom Rear Seats

The most astonishing feature of the car is “The Gallery” which makes its debut in Phantom VIII. Packed with sculptures, feathers, jewels and other artifacts that match automotive standards, Phantom VIII is a treat for customers. The chauffeur is also guaranteed to have an ultimate driving experience with the hands-on display of driving functions and digital screen. The company has billed the new vehicle as a personalized approach to giving patrons an elegant touch. The car came to reality as collaboration with a goldsmiths, jewelers, and artisans.

The car sticks to the name of Rolls Royce by meeting all the standards of elegance and grace crafted perfectly into one. Choosing the finest elements to suit the eyes, the Phantom VIII is a beast when it comes to power. Though the car has a silent engine, it packs a punch with an all new 6.75-liter V12 petrol engine with 563bhp coupled with an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

Rolls Royce Phantom Dashboard

Claiming it to be an icon and a piece of luxury art, the car is all set to embrace the desires of the customers. The Phantom VIII is expected to be set at $450,000 (£340,000) when it comes to the market in late 2017.