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Manufacturers of Medical Devices Rolled Sleeves Up towards Threats of Cyber Security

Medical Devices Cyber Security

Cyber Security Threats are everywhere and the life saving important medical devices that are lying in the room can be hacked anytime. Thus the companies that develop medical devices such as; pacemaker, glucose monitoring machines, and insulin pumps started taking initiatives in sending their staff to the cyber security event in order to gain knowledge and learn more on the field of cyber security from latest researches and studies.

The Black hat annual Conference on Hacker’s that was recently held in the Def Con., and the Las Vegas had many researchers gathered to look up on the security measures of medical devices. They considered it to be the most significant work to secure stuff from cyber threats. Giant companies like Philips, and Johnson & Johnson were seen attending the conferences that reported on various vulnerabilities occurring in the sphere of connected devices.

For years now the health care industry is being warned by the FDA to secure medical devices as they are vulnerable and open to various cyber threats. The “Food and Drug Administration ”of us today disclosed its recommendation for maintaining security levels of internet connected devices by the medical device manufacturers, even if they have already entered patient’s home, hospitals, or patient’s bodies. Unsecured devices may allow hackers to control and trifle on the medication delivered by the device, causing deadly threats.

Most of the visitors from corporate background claimed that they were only asked to report about the ongoing things on the event, on the vertical of their business, and in the field of cyber security. Some individuals were even seen producing the CTOs and CIOs of many companies who were anxious to know about what their competitors were coming up with for product developments regarding cyber security.

It was during this day only the US FDA were also seen telling the device developers to work with the white hat hackers for creating devices that are totally free from any security flaws.

The FDA also warned that devices that lack high security may also open doors to hackers for gather vital information from the hospitals and patients can also be directly harmed. In fact it was cleared that hospitals receives various random, threats, attacks, and intrusions. And with the passing day hackers are becoming more advanced so these cyber security risks will also start evolving.

Colin Morgan, who is the director of product development at J&J spoke at the Def Con. Assuring that from now onwards every device developed will have a mandatory pass through of cyber security measures. It will totally be risk-free from the view point of security.

Both Colin Morgan and Mc Neil attended the “Black Hat Security Event” held at Las Vegas, last month.

Rapid 7, which is Cyber Security Company also said that if the J&J Company fails to fix vulnerabilities in security task the dosage of insulin pumps can easily be operated by hackers.

Thus to keep themselves noted with the latest happenings in the world of cyber security threats and to know all the info, big companies of medical manufacturers have started sending their representatives to learn and stay updated