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The Warrior of WannaCry Attack: Marcus Hutchins Gets Arrested by FBI


The 23-year-old security researcher, who is highly known and ascribed for stopping the global ransom ware attack named “WannaCry”, is now under arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FDI in Las Vegas. US Marshal Service announced this on Thursday. This British mastermind of computer technology who discovered a hidden “kill switch” for effectively disabling the “WannaCry” malware has gained much attention earlier this year.

As per the accusation released by the Justice Department of the US on Thursday, Hutchins was involved in operating malicious software that was on target to hit bank accounts. He was caught having helped in creating, maintaining, and spreading the Trojan Kronos malware for regulating banking systems between the years 2014-2015.

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The FDI claimed that Hutchins developed the “Kronos malware” and it was later sold for $2,000 online by another person. The malware was spread on the banking systems by malicious attachment through emails such as hijacked credentials like; banking passwords and Microsoft comprised word documents, which let steal money with great ease.

Another co-defendant who is unnamed has been indicted with Hutchins, is accused of involvement in crimes that are hacking related work for about six months and for his active participation in the Kronos.

On Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas, he was arrested by the FDI and was taken to the court where he only uttered few words in response to Judge’s few basic questions.

His arrest was like a bolt from the blue to the industry of cyber security as he helped to stop the ”WannaCry” malware that was infecting nearly 30,000 computers causing various disruptions at hospitals, shops, car factories, and schools in over 150 countries.

Hutchins arrest is linked to the shutdown of the ill-famed online criminal market place named AlphaBay, by the FBI, where he is inculpated for selling the Kronos malware.

A public defender on this day said that Hutchins has no criminal history, and has also cooperated with the federal authorities in the past. The appointed attorney by the court said Hutchins need more time for hiring a private attorney. The order remains detained until another hearing on next Friday.

Hutchin’s mother said to the Press Association that it is very unlikely to hear something like about his son, as he spent his maximum amount of time in combating those malicious attacks.

According to the officials of US, the allegations are not related to the WannaCry attack and after his arrest, the Bitcoin Ransom’s over $130,000 was taken by the WannaCry’s creators.