Home Technology Qualcomm the U.S. Tech Giant has Rubbed Shoulders with China’s Tech Aspirations

Qualcomm the U.S. Tech Giant has Rubbed Shoulders with China’s Tech Aspirations


China has always been advanced in showing the tech markets with its unparallel innovations and thus to help Chinese chip manufacturing far more competitive, the U.S. tech giant; Qualcomm is now backing with the ambitions of Chinese technology. While the Government of China develops drones, Qualcomm had its contributions in helping them. Same story continues with the super computers, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies.

This U.S. tech giant Qualcomm is helping big Chinese companies, one of which is Huawei to open doors in the overseas markets regarding China’s campaign of “Go Global” for developing giant multinational companies. Qualcomm is helping by supplying expertise, money, and engineering for a master plan of Beijing’s creation of its own superpowers in technology.

The Great American Companies that are known for fiercely taking care of their trade secrets and intellectual properties, for giving vital weapons to their competitors, have minimal restrictions when it comes to China. This is just where Washington is making a beeline for the scene,

To make a noticeable entry to the core Chinese market, the American Companies are being pushed to create joint ventures, transform technologies, endorsement of home-grown players, and reducing prices. China’s President Xi Chinping’s is providing with such efforts to ensure that the Chinese Companies, Government and military dominate the main areas of technology such as; semi-conductors and artificial intelligence.

In this aspect America’s economic interests may get trapped in its own need of security. The fear is that by shaking hands with China, American companies are sowing seed for their own future destructions, and also by tackling critical technologies that the United States depends for its own safety in military, defence and space programmes.

HP enterprises and Advanced Micro Devices are working the companies of China in creating rivals of their very own product. IBM has agreed to provide their precious technology to enter in the mainframe business of banking, in competition with Qualcomm.

An analyst at the Strategic and International Studies Centre named James Lewis said; Washington is going through a great deal of unease. He said many advanced chip making technologies are going to China, but Qualcomm declined to such information and so did Intel.

The Government is aiding with the finance and land for the start up formation called the Huaxintong Semiconductor, with the Qualcomm. In the initial funding Qualcomm is seen to provide $140 million and also with technology. Qualcomm also agreed to go for creating a joint venture to create and sell smart phone chips to the massive overseas markets.