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We’re Hiring!!!! – Amazon’s Jobs Fair

Amazon’s Jobs Fair

At the recent Amazon Job Fair, the company sent a clear message to the thousands around the globe- “We’re hiring”. The first Jobs Day held at the Amazon fulfillment center just outside the city limits of Chicago sent a clear message that the company will be getting thousands of new faces on board. Speaking at the occasion was local lad Brandon Williams, who was all, praises for Amazon claiming it to be a great company that believes in building.

The event itself was a colorful setup with makeshift tents erected in parking lots. The aim of the event was to send a clear message that Amazon has insatiable need of human force to fuel its explosive growth. Following the footsteps of other tech giants like Facebook and Google, Amazon is also on the hunt for people with engineering and business backgrounds for high buck jobs. But going to the present event, the company, for now, is looking at skilled and cheap labor force for its warehouse operations like pick and packing orders, loading and driving delivery trucks. The event was held at a dozen locations all around the country aimed to fill the 50, 000 lower-paying positions in the company. To the participants’ joy, 40,000 of them are full time.

The high-low distinctions of payouts did not dither the attendees as a record breaking 20,000 applications were received on first day alone. Many presents at the occasion held a firm belief that Amazon presented untapped opportunity for growth that could lead to a better-compensated career in the future. Amazon is aiming to change its image as a highly demanding company when it comes to warehouses and picks and pack jobs. Paying typically $12 to $15 an hour, the jobs at Amazon’s warehouses are usually quite demanding with high rates of physical excursion. The reason that the event saw a large attendance was that Amazon is posing to offer lucrative salaries along with various benefits for employees. These benefits include Career Choice, in which Amazon pays tuition costs for employees who seek higher training.

There has been a constant debate over the years that e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay have led to devastation of physical retailers. But Amazon has been constantly increasing faces in the company and slowly shedding off its image as a job killer. It is however interesting to know that Amazon Inc is the fastest American company in history to have 300,000 people on board globally. With over 382,000 employees worldwide, the company is vowed to create another 100,000 jobs in the next year and a half. The company has hired some 30,000 new employees in the last quarter only.

Is it a win-win situation?? Not exactly!!! Many have raised their concerned about the future of jobs in such sectors. The primary reason for this is that robots and other more capable automation forms are slowly doings the jobs that will no longer require human intervention. Over the last decade, Amazon has aggressively increased its dependency on robots in its warehouses and other manual jobs. Many believe that once these technologies reach perfection, the employment scene in Amazon’s warehouses could very well change.