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Facebook Fights Fake News: With Automatic, Related Articles

Facebook Fights Fake News

After facing tight scrutiny for fake political news over its platform, Facebook is now leaving nothing behind to combat the problem. The company faced -0.25% scrutiny during the US Presidential election for enabling the spread of fake political news.

The company on Thursday announced that it will be improving and reinventing its “Related Articles” feature to help play down the spread and negative effect of false news. The team at FB plans to use an updated machine learning technology that will help in identifying potential hoaxes and redirect them for checking. To limit misleading stories over FB, the checkers will review and relate it to claims, data, and actual data before giving it out to the users. The related articles will also have a post by the third party checkers, promising the authenticity of the post. So far this feature has been launched on a broad scale in the U.S., Germany, France and the Netherlands. The company, however, is looking to expand the service to other nations across the globe as well.

The input from users and checkers forms the base of this massive step by Facebook. Along with this, the company is keeping a close eye on comments and reactions to make the social platform free from the fake and false news. The company has said that it is encouraging more ways to curb the problem of fake and hoax news. To be sure about what they are doing, Facebook conducted a test in April. It showed “Related Articles” to people and then determined whether people actually visited them or not. The results showed that people wanted to read stories that were checked by the third party and also the content that was more accurate.

Social media giant Facebook plans to continue its policy of fighting against fake and false news. The counter measures to fight fake news could soon be expanded to video content and pictorials as well.