Home News We’re “Locked & Loaded” & North Korea will Regret: Donald Trump

We’re “Locked & Loaded” & North Korea will Regret: Donald Trump

We’re “Locked & Loaded” & North Korea will Regret: Donald Trump

For months now North Korea has been preparing its nuclear arsenal and long range missiles. With North Korea to deploy missiles and troop in Guam and Venezuela, American President Donald Trump gave a serious warning to North Korea and its leaders. Trump declared that he would not hesitate in taking a military action against North Korea and his forces are “locked and loaded”. Enjoying a break in Bedminster, NJ, the POTUS assured that there is no need for thousands of Americans living in neighboring South Korea to fear. Trump however assured that peace is the best solution to solve any problem but the United States will not hold back from taking any action if needed.

According to Secretary of State, Rex W. Tillerson, President Trump’s strategy of talking tough on North Korea is to bring its leaders to a negotiating table. Trump in earlier statements has already said that he is contemplating to use force in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Venezuela is going through a crisis with President Nicolás Maduro shutting down the Parliament and the country facing a severe economic crisis. Calling Maduro a dictator, Trump said that he will only hold talks with his Venezuelan counterpart once democracy is restored in the country.

According to global tabloids, China has clearly stated that it will not stand behind North Korea if war is waged. However, China has said that it would oppose to an unprovoked American attack on North Korean soil. Also, Chinese officials have said that if North Korea launched missiles against the United States, China will remain neutral. In a recent tweet, Trump made it clear that he has USAF B-1B Lancer bombers ready in Guam to strike against places in Vietnam. The Pentagon stated that almost 25,000 American troops are currently serving in South Korea. As per reports, they have been given a high alert and asked to retaliate when needed. The United States will not hold back in ensuring the safeguard of its citizens, almost 130,000 currently call Seoul their home.