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Here’s the Story that Sealed the Destiny of Game of Thrones as Television Series

George RR Martin

The Games of Thrones one of the most heard names among every youth made its first entry into the world of television in 2011 and has been ruling the TV platform for 6 longs years with no pause in its journey. It is one of the most highly rated TV series so far noticed in the history of TV series. It is beyond show indeed and has successfully attracted followers across the globe.

At the summer press tour of “Television Critics Association”, while HBO’s presentation was going on, Casey Bloys; the new programming president has made the striking word on the street official-Game of Thrones TV series soon will come to an end after its eighth episode.

Bloys said to the reporter that Benioff and Weiss must be having a specific plan about how many seasons they want to make. He also added if he could make them do more many seasons he would have managed with 10 more seasons. But it’s their choice to take the lead as a creator since they have had a great struggle for making this show reach its best version possible.

The duo was a book junk and they were planning to make a big hit show but somehow things weren’t working out. Later they wanted to make a TV series on A Song of Ice and Fire with help of Martin. In 2006 the trio sat on a lunch discussion that extended to a meeting having the question asked to the duo “Who was Jon Snow’s mother?” The duo gave him a shocking answer. The discussion to this question later gave rise to the famous “The Game of Thrones”.

Jon Snow

After Martin finished writing 3 series of the book Hollywood producers started showing interest to make a film out f it. But Martin thought only through TV series this content will have justice and thus each book was created into a full one season with the help of HBO. Weiss and Benioff won Martin’s trust soon after this.

The show is currently in its 7th season out of 8 planned seasons and with each passing season, it is setting standards that will be hard to come by with other series in future.