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Out of 23 Prophecies 10 have already Made it Count of GoT Season, Does it Mean the Rest Will Too?

Game of Thrones

After one long wait for about one year, the seventh season of Game of Thrones is in its 5th episode, and no doubt it is continuing to be the hit with every episode and is highly appreciated by people. But being one of the hit shows of all time it has loads of fan theories across the internet, some have been segmented that truly does matches with the show.

Reddit user, “dimbismp” last year in October had come up with some spoilers for the Season 7 and when very much of it seemed as one of fan theories for the forthcoming season, now it can be surely said that the user is just on target.

Below are the predictions that the user has come up with, and eventually all of them matched exactly with it. Till now all of it has been happening accurately like it is said.

  1. First, Dany is going to Dragonstone, and it will be the case at the end of E01.
  2. Within the next few episodes, Dorne will no more block the way.
  3. Arya is more like a “killing machine” now.
  4. It’s in the E01 Bran will be crossing the Wall and will reach at Winterfell by E03.
  5. Yara is abandoned by Theon. Euron’s fleet kills 2 sand snakes, destroys Yara’s fleet, and seize Ellaria
  6. At E03 John and Dany meets
  7. Jon stops Davos from telling Dany that he was resurrected as he doesn’t want them to know.
  8. At Essos next season Jorah will be absent and will be cured by Sam at Oldtown.
  9. Jaime becomes a great commander.
  10. Olenna grants that she was behind the assassination of Joffrey’s. And also in E04 Arya arrives at Winterfell.

So far all these above predictions have absolutely had come true and revealed with the course of time.  But the story doesn’t end here. The Reddit user has more in their store for this for the rest of the season, and it is not hard to guess they will be true as well.

Read the entire predictions here to know more about the rest clearly. The wait continues for the rest to happen with great anxiousness.