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Riddle Existence of Theory of GoT Season to be Unfolded in Season 8

Game of Thrones

The Reddit user has always been consistent with its predictions and all of them have been the same when the show came up. Now there’s another one with the “theory” one that is likely to reveal in Season 8.

By now almost every follower and watcher of GoT are highly familiar with the extravagant “Boatsex”, and no doubt this season will have the clear disposal of the fact that R+L=J. This does make seem that Dany and Jon will finally be aware of this at Winterfell in the next S08- E01 or E02.

Another thing about the ASOIAF/GoT is that it is very much of politics, struggle for power, etc. In the show the “White Walkers” have been always the zombies with no minds at all. The last couple of seasons that include fighting the WW by the team of Jon and Dany have been much disentangled, making it harder to predict.

Apart from these there are other characters and storyline that need transparency and are not relevant to the WW threat. So here’s what the dimbismp has come up with:

  • Dany and Jon and perhaps the whole team will finally know that R+L= J
  • It by Epi-3 or Epi-4, WW Vs the good guys plot escalates.
  • Dany dies in the battlefield and there’s also further presumption that Rhaegal also dies. She will also be fulfilling the part Nissa-Nissa of the prophecy of Azorhai and that gives rise to the epic “boatsex”. The Knight King and WW is defeated by the good guys along with Jon leading them.
  • It’s during Dany’s death moment; she urges to restore the Targaryen dynasty by Jon Snow. That’s where she makes on “promise” her about this.
  • Finally, it’s within the two three episodes all these storylines of the favorite characters will have its clear revelation.