The Key Differences between A Song of Ice and GoT that Gives an Illusionary Concept of Reading the Book

    Game of Thrones

    Needless to say, GOT or the Game of Thrones has been the most addictive and compelling readers, followers, and watchers the day this book and series came into existence. It’s after the show that the book dragged readers to have clear picture of the entire show that wasn’t much transparent in the show. There’s always a curiosity peeking after watching the series but the one who has made it to the book knows bit ahead of the one who hasn’t. The books serve as the backbone.

    Nonetheless here are few legit facts those only readers know about GoT:

    • The first is that the entire series of these books written by George RR Martin is known as the “Song of Ice and Fire” and not the “Game of Thrones”. Only the first book is called as “A Game of Thrones”.
    • The second is Shae was never had any love feel for Tyrion so betrayal is a natural thing that comes to its readers, as he was only with him for his status and wealth.
    • The white walkers have white flesh and reflective skin armour and don’t appear to be as scary as shown in the show.
    • Hizdahr Zo Loraq who has been portrayed quite harmless in the show actually tried to kill Daenerys as per the book.
    • The age of the characters in the show and the books have slight contrast as Martin kept the characters much younger in the book, because he wanted to stay true about their time where life expectancy were way shorter than the ones shown in the show.
    • Unfortunately there’s no chemistry between Missandei and Grey Worm but the show spoke otherwise.
    • Rayder is still alive and Arya marries Bolton and not Sansa. Sansa also never met the Boltons, and Little finger doesn’t have any likings for Sansa.
    • Catelyn is brought back to life by the Lord of Light, and Ser Jorah who appears to be blonde is quite a “black bear” in the book. Also Jorah never gets greyscale.
    • There’s another blonde named Targaryen who is waiting for the return to take over the Iron Throne.
    • The Sept of Balor had not killed all the Tyrells. As per the book the Targaryens have violet eyes. Khals never throwshimself on Daenerys.
    • Barristan is still alive and it’s Robb Stark who makes Jon the stark, and Joffrey dies even a horrible death in the book.

    The Knight King is still mysterious and with it remains the rest once you finish reading the book.