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Does Your Kid Have A high Risk Of Diabetes?? Lack Of Sleep May Be The Reason!!!

Does Your Kid Have A high Risk Of Diabetes?? Lack Of Sleep May Be The Reason!!!

If you are one of those millions of concerned parents then you better read this. A recent study in the United Kingdom has found that sleep deprived kids are more likely to develop diabetes than ones who get enough. The reason behind this has been found that each additional hour of sleep leads to lower body weight, higher lean muscle mass and low levels of sugars in the blood. Obesity and high blood sugar happen due to a number of factors and lack of sleep being one. When there is a low level of insulin in the body, the body is not able to convert blood sugar into energy which leads to diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes was once a rare condition in children but today it is becoming common among children worldwide.  A major reason for this is that children across the globe don’t get enough exercise and eat too much of sugary, fizzy and fatty foods. On average a kid who gets 10.5 hours or roughly 8 to 12 hours of sleep have better blood sugar levels than the ones who are sleep deprived. Kids who sleep less are more likely develop insulin resistance when the body doesn’t respond positively to the hormone.

One of the key reasons why irregular sleep patterns relate to diabetes is that disturbed sleep patterns also means skipping meals. When kids sleep late or have an irregular schedule, they have higher chances of skipping meals and exercises. Studies have already proved that insufficient sleep can affect hormones in human body. These hormonal imbalances make kids look out for cravings, which these days is majorly sugar and salty snacks. Having proper sleep keeps our appetite checked thereby regulating insulin levels in the body. Bedtime hygiene also plays a crucial role in the health of kids. Limited television and screen time and smartphones help a great deal. Making sure that the room is totally dark and temperature regulated is also important.