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Google Camera Update Brings Double Tap To Zoom In

Google Camera

Google camera’s new updated version 4.4 emerged with some nifty changes in it. The last version ‘4.3’ brought much-awaited feature for selfie lovers the ‘front flash feature’. The native camera of Google Pixel and Nexus phones is one of the best in-class and wires numerous photography modes. The latest version of popular Google camera introduced two small but noteworthy changes to the application.

Google Camera is rolling out with a new update adding ‘the double tap’ feature to zoom in. This feature lets you immediately zoom within the photo by up to 50 percent, eliminating the necessity to slide and zoom out. New features of Google camera are available to those people who hold devices like Nexus, Pixel, Android One phone etc. Therefore; if the criteria don’t let you fit in it then you can check Play store my apps section.

In addition to the feature of ‘double tap to zoom in’, the Google camera brought another significant trait that would be useful to the users. The second feature is the functionality to switch modes (the image and video modes) using a dedicated button. The new button replaces the slider that is currently available in the old version of Google Camera app.

These features are part of the new updated called 4.4. a version of Google Camera’ app. If you haven’t found these characteristics in your app then update it, though usually, updates take place automatically but just in case, it didn’t happen then you can do it manually as well.