Home News HBO Spain Leakes GoT Epsiode 6 of Season 7 By Mistake

HBO Spain Leakes GoT Epsiode 6 of Season 7 By Mistake

Game of Thrones

Not only has Game of Thrones become highly gripping as reading on books and watching shows on TV, it is creating other histories along with it as well. The show has been a tremendous hit of all times so far and now people have gone insane to know what’s up with it next? This is making some people do wrong with the show.

Lately this month 4 people were arrested in claim of leaking the episode 4 of season 7, online of this popular Game of Thrones show. Just a day after this incident has occurred, there comes another leak story of this highly demanding show.

According to the online reports the GoT S7E06 has been leaked. In HBO Spain the upcoming 6th Episode of Game of Thrones’ Season 7 series gets aired for one hour by mistake. On the Reddit thread a TV screenshot has been taken of the leaked aired episode.

Soon after the leak fan followers of GoT were quickly finding ways to download them, many also started twitting it; an instagram user @afaga23 was also live streaming HBO while the leak part of this show was playing out, though later it was deleted.

As per Business Insider they say there are reports of the leakage already of episode 7 of Game of Thrones show, but a representative of HBO says to their knowledge there has been no leak of the 7Th episode of GoT yet.

It was on July news had it that the digital content of HBO was being hacked and about 1.5 TB data was stolen from this company. It was according to the “Entertainment Weekly” an unknown email was sent to the reporters about the hacking incident that had thing said like;

There was a “hii” introductory greeting addressing to the mankind. The mail had it written that the great cyber space era is taking place. An illusionary comment style writing saying it has forgot to mention the name and that it was HBO and the Game of Thrones show. It also said that the receiver is lucky to be the first one to witness the leak and also to download it. Further it said to enjoy the fact and spread it all over. It even claimed whoever is well in spreading it will have an interview with them and criticizing that the HBO is dropping.

Though there is no confirmed news about the leakage of Episode 6 with this hacking.