Home News Invitation To Annihilation? : NASA Sends Earth Maps Into Outer Space

Invitation To Annihilation? : NASA Sends Earth Maps Into Outer Space

Invitation To Annihilation? : NASA Sends Earth Maps Into Outer Space

The whole world from Roswell to Houston and far reaches of the European Space Agency are abuzz with the recent step taken by scientists at NASA. The scientists at NASA have sent maps of Earth’s location and places into deep space via space crafts. With the people at NASA hailing this move, many experts and intellectual minds believe this to be a disastrous step. Many have been vocal about NASA ‘foolishly’ sending ‘dangerous’ maps into deep space, something that could very well lead aliens or extra-terrestrials to reach earth.

Back in the days of early space exploration, scientists held an optimistic belief that encounters with aliens races would be harmonious and peaceful. Many believed that it could hold key to our birth and modern technological advancements. However, American astronomer and famed alien hunter, Frank Drake now considers it a huge mistake to make an encounter with our alien counterparts. The man behind designing maps that were placed inside the Pioneer 10-11 and Voyager 1& 2 probes now fears his decision could be disastrous for mankind. Interestingly, before Frank and NASA could do much about these spacecraft, they all have already left our solar system and headed straight through deep space.

So what really makes these spacecraft so interesting?? The plaque and descriptions aboard the Pioneer craft show a man and a woman. Along with this, there is a map that shows the basic location of the Earth. Now isn’t any regular map, it is a galactic or interstellar map that shows Earth’s location from distant pulsar stars. These stars are so bright and longevity is such that they direct aliens to Earth even if found millions of years from now. On the other hand, the Voyager spacecraft is installed with ‘golden records’ of natural sounds and pictures from Earth. A clear invitation to what our blue planet has to offer. A map similar to Pioneer is engraved on the golden records of Voyager too.

Talking to National Geographic, Drake said that it in older days it was a great idea to discover and encounter with ET’s but now it doesn’t seem like a great idea. What made Drake think about this endeavor as ‘foolish & dangerous’ is when is his daughter Nadia asked about the disastrous consequences. Drake now things it’s really grave to broadcast our whereabouts to hostile aliens. The scientists who were earlier in support now consider encountering extraterrestrials a spectacularly bad suggestion.

One of the foremost scientists on space and ET’s, Professor Stephen Hawking recently warned about the consequences of meeting an advanced civilization. He compared the whole situation to Native Americans and Columbus and how their encounter was negative. Professor Hawking claims that many species out there could be just predators roaming the galaxies in search of resources and planets to conquer.