Home News Facebook Redesigns App Interface: Better Readability, Added Camera Features

Facebook Redesigns App Interface: Better Readability, Added Camera Features

Facebook Redesigns App Interface: Better Readability, Added Camera Features

With tech giant Facebook there is never a shortage of innovations and redefinitions. Facebook has just announced that it will revamp and redesign the News Feed for its mobile app. In an effort to improve the app’s readability and navigation, the company has taken the step to redesign its user interface. The design changes are linked similarly to Instagram, a picture app also owned by Facebook Inc. Interestingly, the comments on Instagram are threaded which make direct conversations much swifter and easier.

For many years now, the Facebook design team is studying people’s interests and likes. They project photos, videos, gifs, and links similar to your taste on your news feed. But as we all know, there are so many stories available on Facebook, it becomes very complex. To make the News Feed more conversational and easier to read and navigate, the Facebook design team has decided to make a few changes. Along with this, the Facebook comment section has already been giving a facelift. The comments are now more defined in gray and round boxes making it easier for users to identify and reply others.

To make things more interesting, the typography and icons have received a facelift on the News Feed. The colors are brighter and the Like, Comment and Share buttons are now easier to identify and tap. The new hollow icons are more visible, similar to an approach used by the company for Instagram. The previews for shared links have also been given a redesign. The website of the link has also been repositioned to the top of the article rather than below it. Even the Profile pictures on News Feed are now circular and the regular square.

Another amazing update is on the links that are shared on Facebook. Instead of taking them straight to the site, users will now see a brief of the site before going on it. The back button has created many problems in the past, now the users will go back to the pin point once you click the back button. The changes are slated to be made on iOS and Android in the coming weeks. There are changes to be made in the built-in camera feature too. Users can now make GIF which has already been introduced to iOS users. GIF created through FB Camera can be shared as Story, Message or post in News Feed.