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Anti-Google Protest March Postponed For Now!!!!


The disturbance among the departments at Google doesn’t seem like ending anytime soon. The “alt-left terrorist groups” have threatened to pull out of their “peaceful” march which was planned this Saturday. The marches in Charlottesville, Virginia have been under the lens since a protester was allegedly killed by a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Keeping in view to this, Google is very cautious of what it must expect on Saturday.

The protestors have already stated that they will march on the company headquarters in Mountain View, California. However, they also state that the march would not be limited to just California but also eight other cities on the same day. All the protest and chaos started ever since Google fired one of its engineers James Damore. To those who don’t know about James Damore, Damore is the same guy who prepared the controversial in-house memo arguing the gender gap that exists at Google. He prepared the memo keeping in mind not sexism but the biological differences that exist between males and females working at the company.

The organizers of these marches have made a website which they use to coordinate the whole movement. In a statement released on the same website, the organizers feared the “alt-left terrorist threats” as a reason to cancel their march. However, in an official statement released by the Mountain View police department, the cops will be maintaining high security and abundance caution in the area. According to the organizers of the Anti-Google march, they had reports of a group using an automobile to disrupt their march.  Google, however, has declined to make any statement on the postponed march.

So who exactly is behind these Anti-Google marches?? Interesting question, the marches are led by Jack Posobiec, a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist. His movement has been billed as a mixed racism, white nationalism, anti- Semitism and populism. He has accused the government and Google as branding his marches organized by Nazi sympathizers. As for Google, the postponement of the march comes as a huge respite. Damore, on the other hand, has been hailed as a hero ever since he was fired by the company.

The meager postponement of marches will not serve the issue for Google. The company will have to think out of the box to get over the Damore controversy.  Many have been accusing the company of firing Jack Damore only after his memo was published. Google has even canceled all the board meetings to discuss Damore’s memo due to security and privacy reasons. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said that the company will organize forums and seminars in the coming days to discuss the current issues. On the other hand, the Anti-Google organizers have said that they will again have marches in the coming weeks.

In the midst of all the chaos what remains to be seen is the atmosphere at Google and the whole of America.