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Days of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Could Doom as Apple Shifts towards Launching Streaming Video


Apple has always been remarkably known for its advanced innovation in the field of smart gadgets and mobile phone technology. Lately its active decision to come up with the idea of streaming video could change the dimension of the industry for new comers like Netflix that already started feeling the pressure.

Apple is in talks with the programmers reportedly to offer approx 25 channels that include ABC, CBS, FX, and Fox, on an online service of television steaming. This is likely planned for late this year.

Though nothing has been officially revealed by Apple yet the report that maker of iPhone could be seen spending billions of dollars on their own show has suggested more interruptions for a sector that’s witnessing so much fast changes.

The step by this wealthy company Apple may definitely challenge the embedded services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon prime, those of which have been extremely challenging in establishing the world of media entertainment of Hollywood.

On a journal report while Apple was asked about its billion dollar investment on this new content it dropped the question.

Jan Dawson, a chief analyst of research said it would only be relevant with Apple if it chooses to go with the space of subscription, because only then it means the content is original.

Enderle on the other hand says Entertainment is drastically different than making iPhones, and coming with talents in film and creating one is new to Apple perhaps. He further adds to it by saying that Entertainment is a very hand-on business and not any cheap date. May be it is because lately Apple has been failing to come up with new inventions in its core business area, so the panic making them think of expanding in other areas, he also includes.