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“The Essential Phone”: The Cure to Smartphone Addiction by Android’s Co-Founder Andy Rubin

“The Essential Phone”: The Cure to Smartphone Addiction by Android’s Co-Founder Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, an operating system that today powers 85% of the world’s smartphones is in a fix. Andy believes he is partly responsible for the antisocial behavior that is gripping the world today. So what made him think like this????? Andy Rubin’s greatest creation is the Android operating system and to no one’s surprise, most of us are using smartphones. On a recent visit to a fancy dinner, Andy noticed a couple on their first date, engulfed into their smartphones rather than each other. They weren’t lost in each other but in their phones, busy posting pictures of their food on social media sites. Rubin was at the helm of the smartphone revolution but today acknowledges the downsides of people having a tendency to check their phone every five minutes.

Andy’s tech company Essential is making its debut in the smartphone business with its first gadget, the ‘Essential Phone’. The phone is not designed by Apple, Samsung or any Chinese maker, but it is a premium smartphone that has everything. Apart from commendable software, the phone will have mirrored ceramic back, titanium edges, and magnetic connector along with a host of accessories. Andy views his new phone as a saturation point in the market dominated by Apple & Samsung. The first phone according to him is just stepping stone for bigger things to follow.

Rubin has been at in the phone business for over two decades now. Though he sold Android to Google in 2005, he is now looking to create a phone that is the virtual self of the user. Today his creation Android forms the backbone of multi-billion dollar mobile and gadget business. The Essential Phone is being manufactured by Chinese company Foxconn. Interestingly Foxconn is the same company that manufactures iPhones. Apart from Manufacturing, Foxconn is also an investor in the whole Essential Phone project.

Now talking about the phone, apart from having a great operating system, it’s the hardware that amazes you. A distinct feature of the new phone is the magnetic pins at the back which allows you to fix accessories made by Essential as well as other manufacturers. There is a 360-degree 4K video camera, an inductive charging dock, along with something that Rubin has billed as the world’s smallest 3D laser scanner. You can even feed high-quality audio from the phone to your car’s stereo while the charging up the device. With Essential, Rubin wants to take AI to a whole new level that will make Siri & Alexa look thing of the past. Andy has taken care of the software part, overseeing the progress himself; the hardware though is the troublesome part. However, the phone is already a month late thanks to software bugs and testing process.

Though Rubin is stepping into a whole new league he should be aware of the consequences too. Many like him, who left major companies, have struggled to make their way in the market. Tony Fadell, who was once iPhone & iPod’s hardware boss, left the office to start his own company Nest. Nest, however, didn’t last too long and finally merged with Google at $3billion. Jon Rubinstein, another man from Apple had a similar fate even after a flashy Vegas debut. Jon’s company was eventually bought out by Hewlett Packard. So when is ‘The Essential Phone’ arriving?? To this Andy says that the phone will arrive before Apple and Samsung, a move that will spice up the smartphone market.