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Google Peeps Into Future With Wearable-Free Health Monitoring

Google Peeps Into Future With Wearable-Free Health Monitoring

Google is looking to get users a look into the future. The tech giant is all set to give you health check up using your mobile and handheld devices. You can check your blood sugar and lungs with just a mobile application. Google and isn’t parent company Alphabet have been very vocal and interested in promoting digital health. Over past few years, the company has shared their curiosity in the potential of digital health and its benefits to people.

To take things forward and get its futuristic vision in place, Google has already started taking steps. The first piece of the puzzle was put in place by acquiring Senosis Health. Senosis Health is a Seattle based startup that focuses on turning smartphones into health monitoring tools. The company has developed applications that use your regular phone to check your health. The application uses built-in sensors on your phone to check your blood sugar level, hemoglobin levels, and other vitals. Instead of using dedicated equipment, the phone uses HemaApp that displays your blood levels on the screen of your phone. To monitor your lung function the company has developed SpiroSmart app. Now using this app you can measure your lung functions by simply using your microphone.

There is no word on how much Google paid to acquire Senosis but sources close to the tech giant claim that it was big. What is interesting is that Google has kept the staff of Senosis intact and it will be the backbone of further innovations. The company will remain in Seattle and will work with the Google staff. Google is very optimistic with Senosis acquirement, the reason being that Senosis apps have already created a following among people. Google will use these apps as backbones of its operations to track all your health indicators and project them on the screen of your Android device. In case you see something fishy, better contact your doctor…

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