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New Therapy to Cure Kids of Peanut Allergy


Children and even adults face allergies to a number of food items. These could be staples, vegetables, beans, dairy products, and nuts. Many kids have shown to be allergic to peanuts in their early years but all this is about to change. According to a recent study conducted in Australia, researchers have developed an immune therapy to help children who are allergic to peanuts. This therapy helped children eat peanuts without any allergic problems for almost four years. The findings of the study were published in leading Aussie health journal namely, Lancet Child & Adolescent Health.

According to the study, it is an immunotherapy treatment, which combines probiotics along with small doses of peanuts. This gradually prepares the kid’s immune system to accept peanut rather than treating it. The reason to add probiotics is to increase the kid’s immunity and make their digestive system accept peanuts. Of the kids who underwent this therapy, 82% showed significant resistant to allergy against peanuts. Only 4% of the total children who didn’t go through the therapy was seen to have an allergy to peanuts. The results were hailed by researchers as a success with children now free from the fear of allergies against peanuts.

The researchers have however called it too early as a cure. The breakthrough is the addition of probiotics however many other researchers claim it as inconclusive. Probiotics enhance the body’s ability to produce healthy pathogens in the gut. It must be noted that most allergens are produced in the gut and probiotics do wonders to control them. We may have to wait for some further studies to prove this claim but for the time being, this therapy does raise hope.