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The All New BMW Z4 Roadster and 8 Series, Hyundai Long-Range EV SUV and More from the Automation World


German automaker giant BMW was expected to make some big revealing at the Monterey Car Week and the player didn’t disappoint. At the recent Monterey Car Week held at the Pebble Beach, the luxury car maker has two surprises for consumers. BMW rolled out two gorgeous pieces of art and automotive technology for the world. These were concept coupes, the Z4 roadster, and the newly resurrected 8 Series coupe. Both the vehicles are set to hit the roads late next year once they go under production. In our post, we’ll discuss the new cars that are set to hit streets in the coming months or next year. These include a new SUV from Hyundai, General Motor’s Maven, and the Mercedes-AMG.

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BMW Z4, 8 Series Coupe Concepts

German’s, they sure know how to make cars. They hardly ever disappoint you. German car maker BMW unveiled two coupe concepts at the Monterey Car Week Concours d’Elegance. Both the cars look to be the perfect blend of beauty, technology, power, and elegance. The massive Z4 roadster is easily the right choice to invoke the speedster in you while 8 series redefines luxury. With the Bavarian auto giant’s signature kidney grille at the front, Z4 and 8 Series boasts of designs with wide, low-slung abbreviated with flashy LED headlights. You can call them refurbished or rejuvenated ‘avatars’ of two classics. The cars are however slotted to roll out of production line by next year.

The Hyundai EV SUV

South Korean auto giant Hyundai is planning to make its way into the electric car segment. Owing to pollution and rising fuel prices all around the world, Hyundai is now looking for a long-range premium electric car for customers. Though late in planning an electric vehicle, Hyundai Motor Co. has finally stepped in the race of electric automaker. The South Korean auto giant is all set to have its own electric car in the near future. The company is looking to go head on with other car makers in the world. Hyundai has often been criticized for being too slow in shifting their focus towards EVs. However, the company is now looking to launch an electric car in the sedan class segment under its luxury subsidiary Genesis by 2021. The sedan will have a 300+ mile range while a cross-roader Kona is expected to come on the road early next year.

Maven: General Motors’ Answer to Uber and Lyft

General Motors is preparing full swing for its own ride and delivery service by the name of Maven. With many startups and mobile-based application shaping up the automation world, GM does not want to be left out of the race. General Motors Maven car-sharing service is a clear competitor to services like Uber and Lyft. Uber, Ola, and Lyft share a significant market of mobile-based cab booking service in the world. To take things forward, GM is collecting data to have a practical framework of the application would work in the real-world. The application will give fractional ownership & peer-to-peer car-sharing service to users.