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‘The Cop Button’, Latest iOS 11 Feature that Temporarily Disables Touch ID


With the entire buzz going around with cyber security and mobile services, Apple is not leaving anything behind. Adding to the already impressive feature list of the iPhone is the latest ‘Cop Button’. Apple is adding an easy way to quickly disable the Touch ID in its iOS 11 operating system. This new setting is designed to trigger emergency service calls in case you are in trouble.

So what exactly does this ‘Cop Button’ do? With the nAppl feature, you can call 911 by just quickly tapping the power button five times. Instead of automatically calling the emergency services, you get the option to dial or temporarily disable the Touch ID until you put a code. The new feature was launched in the iOS 11 public beta.

What makes the ‘Cop Button’ so special??? Interestingly, the earlier iOS’s didn’t have this feature of temporarily disabling the Touch ID. Instead, you had to restart your iPhone and then wait for a few days for the device to prompt a passcode. Another awkward way to do this was using different finger and then force-locking out the phone. Now, this was surely a painful and hectic way. Thanks to the new method, it becomes far sleeker and easy for users. In case your phone gets lost or someone forces you to unlock your phone, this will be useful.

For quite some time now, unlocking phones have been a hot topic of discussion among the US law enforcement departments. Recently police officials in Michigan State of the United States, used a murder victim’s 3-D printed fingerprint to get access to his cell phone device. Since mobile phones can be used for wrong reasons, especially if they fall into the hands of terrorist or other notorious elements, this feature comes as a huge respite. The ‘Cop Button’ and temporary blocking of Touch ID will prevent further usage of the phone unless the passcode is entered.

Now the feature becomes even more important taking into account the launch of the next iPhone. As per reports, Apple is all set to introduce the face unlocking feature with the next iPhone. The feature becomes even more important when you may be physically forced to unlock your phone. The latest iOS 11 is all set to come to your device by next month.