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All Aboard!!! Volkswagen Microbus is Back!!!

Volkswagen Microbus

German automaker giant, Volkswagen is all set to bring back the iconic Microbus. A vehicle that symbolized usher in the new era of travel, the Microbus has been the center of attraction ever since. For Volkswagen Microbus aficionados, the vehicle this time is going to be electric. In a recent statement released by the Volkswagen, the company plans to produce the electric version of the Microbus. Microbus for many is best remembered as the big-eyed bus mostly associated with free-wheeling road trips and the so-called “hippie culture”.

The model will carry the vision of Volkswagen’s concept car, ID Buzz. The first look of the vehicle was shown to media and public earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. The vehicle, however, is expected to hit the roads of US, China, and Europe by mid-2022.  Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen Group was all praises for ID Buzz claiming it to be the most beautiful and exciting electric ever. The company has a clear goal on its mind to make an electric car that will be the bestseller all around the globe. Volkswagen is already the biggest name in the automation world and soon wants to be best when it comes to the electric age of cars.

The original Volkswagen Microbus was the Type 1 which hit the roads in 1950. Even though the vehicle had just 30 horsepower, it was an instant hit worldwide. The new Microbus, however, packs a punch with 369 horsepower with electric motors fixed on each axle. Amazingly the company claims that the vehicle will be equipped with a fast-charge battery that gets 80% charged in just 350 minutes at 150 kW. The company is calling ID Buzz as the new face of Volkswagen.

So what really makes ID Buzz so important for Volkswagen’s fortunes? The answer to this lies in the $25 billion that the company has already lost thanks to emissions cheating scandal. Amidst the 2015 controversy, where the company is accused of altering emission levels in its vehicles, an engineer was sent to three-year prison.