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OurMine Plays with PlayStation, Hacks Twitter and FB Accounts


Leaving the world in shock and dizzy, elite hacking group OurMine hacked PlayStation’s Twitter & Facebook accounts. Though the scare was temporary in the early hours of Sunday, the group claimed to have all the PSN Databases as well. The members of the group then took to social media, tweeting and taking the full responsibility of the hacks. The tweets, comments, and posts, however, have since been deleted from the internet.

The group has maintained that their motive of hacking was not negative. In recent statements by the group, members have said that they hacked Twitter and Facebook accounts of PlayStation only to show the vulnerability of major system across the internet. OurMine is not new to hacking high-profile social media accounts. The Saudi Arabian hacking outfit is notoriously famous for hacking celebrity Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account in the past. This is not the first time that the self-proclaimed ‘White Hat’ group has hacked a high-profile account. Their past record including fiddling with Twitter accounts of Pokemon Go creator John Hanke, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Google boss Sundar Pichai.

Users during the early hours of Sunday went into shock as the hackers claimed to have PSN databases. But the group is considered ethical and only work to help organizations to make secure networks. As professional hackers and vulnerability checkers, they expose the loophole and then fix them. Rather than a criminal outfit who use the information to harm users, the group is versatile and has expertise in hacking and online security in various fields of social media. The group says that their services become useful in case you lose your account information as it can be retrieved through them. Unless the platform changes its modus operandi, all the information can be accessed back.

Interestingly this is not the first time that the PlayStation Network has been hacked. The gaming giant’s platform was also hacked in 2011 which caused a 23-day blockade. The hack was not just any other security data breach but one of the largest ever recorded in history with over 77million PSN accounts bearing the brunt. Learning from the mistakes, Sony has since then has made constant efforts to up its image in terms of security and breaches. Nevertheless, it still remains a fuming question as to how much users can trust the PlayStation Network databases against impending hacks.