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The Empire Strikes Back: Age of Empires IV is Coming Soon

Age of Empire

For all gaming aficionados, Age of Empires IV is all set to come back. As per latest news, the works to on the latest version of the game is officially underway. The company who has taken up the task of bringing yet another fantastic game to users is the Relic which has already developed Company of Heroes and Homeworld. At the recently concluded E3’s annual PC Gaming Show, Microsoft announced the new Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. It all looks pretty cool and Age of Empires IV is surely something gamers having to dream for quite some time.

The gaming lovers were taken by shock as Microsoft even shared a small teaser on Gamescom. It was earlier believed that Microsoft had shut down the Age of Empires developing unit. But the recent news has brought smiles on the faces of gamers. The task of bringing up the game has relied on none other than Relic which has already done a great job with Company of Heroes and Homeworld. However, Relic has been facing criticism lately due to the Dawn of War III mess. Microsoft yet relied on Relic owing to the talented team that it has.

Microsoft not only plans the new Age of Empires IV but also giving Definitive Edition version of Age of Empires II and III in the near future. All this expected to up the quotient on Windows Store which over the years has struggled to keep pace with Android and iStore. But Age of Empires is destined to be exclusive to the Windows Store which is indeed a bit of an issue for some. With most of the people today using Android and iPhone, you might just have to be contented with teaser and videos. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition releases on October 19, with a beta starting August 22.

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