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200 Rupees Note is Round the Corner – Expected to Arrive by September

200 INR Unconfirmed Note

A new Rs 200/- will be issued on Friday by the Reserve Bank of India that was notified on a press conference. On Wednesday Finance Ministry highlighted the arrival of this new currency of 200 rupees for the first time. The RBI has taken this initiative of printing 200 rupee notes to improve the rotation of the lower-denomination currency notes. The circulation of this new Rs 200/- is expected to be in hands at the beginning the month of September.

Arun Jaitley, the finance minister, however, had cleared the fact that Government was against banning of the 2,000/- notes. Lately, the Central bank has introduced a set of new 50/- notes with newly printed fluorescent blue colour. In this new 50 currency notes, the photo of Gandhiji looks bit smaller and slimmer than the existing earlier notes of 50/-.

The base colour of this new 200/- note will be bright yellow as stated by the Central Bank in an official statement. There will also be a motif of the Sanchi Stupa on the reverse side of the note denoting the cultural heritage of the country India. The currency will be printed in “Devanagari”, and Mahatma Gandhi’s image will be in the centre of the note. These new 200 rupees notes will be having the signature of the Governor, Dr. Urjit R. Patel, Reserve Bank of India from some banks, and few selected RBI offices.

Whatsoever, the Government is still unwilling to re-launch the bank notes of 1,000/-, as per source. In the month of November, last year, the Government had demonetized the old 1,000/- and 500/- notes, replacing to approx 86 percent of the total value of the currency that was in circulation. On the other hand, the remonetization of the new 2,000/- was so fast that it circulated rapidly, and thus there was a shortage of the notes of lower-denomination.

The new 200 currency will be helpful in day-to-day transactions and will fill the shortage need of 500/- notes following the move of the demonetization by the Union Government, last year on November.

The new series of this 200 rupee notes will also carry latest security features and the authorities are taking extra care for prevention of any counterfeiting.