Night King Might be Bran Stark Himself – New Awestruck Fan Theory of Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones

    The suspense theories of Game of Thrones fans have always been in the news like hot cakes. GoT fans have always invested every bit of their ideas to find out the puzzling theories that match the story line of this show. Currently one of the highly popular theories rotating, which is creating the suspense heat, is Brandon Stark the Night King?

    Reddit has always been consistent with its prediction and has come up really well matching exactly with the show so far. Thanks to a Reddit user for whom we came to know about this GoT fan theory that has explained the initials of the Night King in the post linked with popular GoT theories on a YouTube video. Though there are posts on fan theories and it is quite difficult to make out from them, but thankfully turmOil6, one of the Reddit users has linked it that raised this theory interest newly.

    In order to go to the depth of this theory you first need to understand the phenomenal combination of powers that makes Bran Stark exceptional. Bran not only has the capability to warn in a to human that something most wargs cannot do, if there’s any, he also prophetic dreams, green eyesight, and visions. These skills of his allow him to make a difference to the past, and the tragic life of Wylis/Hodor is a proof of that. We also saw how Ned reacted to the Tower of Joy the moment Bran yelled; “father”!

    Any future tat Bran sees bringing a deadly end to the Great War, might just willing to go and stop it before it takes a start and this is exactly where trouble is suspected.

    Another part of theory that unfolds with this is the idea of the voices telling the Mad King to burn all of them was it really Bran Stark telling them to burn the White Walkers? As Bran saw it when the Aerys II were rising and he wanted to stop their army from growing further. There are many times when Bran used all his powers to go back to the past and trying to change things.

    Therefore, these theories just give an outline idea of such mind blowing fact of Game of Thrones recently.