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Affected with Grievous Strain of West Nile Virus, Windsor Man Gets Hospitalized

Man Hospitalized

The neuroinvasive strain is one of the most dreadful forms of infection that can lead to critical illness, chronic disability, hospitalization, and even death. As per the Department of West Country’s Public Health and Environment, a Windsor man with a strain of West Nile virus has been hospitalized.

There’s also a Greeley woman who is been affected by the mosquito-transmitted virus and is recovering. This year in the Weld Country these two are the first human cases with confirmation. Other two active cases are under investigation.

Last Year there were confirmed almost 32 human cases attacked with the virus in the Larimer Country.

So far till date, there has been three West Nile confirmed cases in the Larimer Country. There were also other such cases among which two of them are currently under diagnosis and one case includes an asymptomatic blood donor. This review is as per the spokesman of the Department of Health and Environment of Larimer Country, Katie O’Donnel.

To ensure safe transmission of blood into the recipient blood donations are previously screened before distribution. Blood donation samples that are diagnosed with positive result of West Nile are discarded immediately and are stopped from a further transfusion, as stated by officials of country health.

As per the survey data of U.S. Geological, in the whole nation, the Larimer country is one of them with the highest majority of human cases targeted with West Nile virus. Other municipalities of Northern Colorado have distinct policies for the mosquito spray techniques.

Seasons first West Nile Virus infected mosquito got trapped in late June at Berthoud, for the first time in Larimer Country. The officials of Weld Country informed that they will end the trapping session of mosquito and also be testing by the end of August. But people are still in danger until the first a later half of this fall season.

West Nile symptoms can be noticed within three to 14 days post infection.