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Now A Tool To Diagnose Depression By Google

Now A Tool To Diagnose Depression By Google

For all those suffering from depression and stress, this is good news for them. Technology and web services giant Google is all set to make people’s mental health better. The California based company is soon going to roll out a tool that helps people fight off depression. To get things forward, Google has partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness to get connected with people suffering from depression. The aim is to make people take up this tool who seek treatment as the only remedy.

So this is how the tool is going to work. You have to type any depression related item in Google and a question will pop-up asking you, “Are you depressed?”. If you say yes then you will be directed to a set of questions that are related to symptoms. The questions will be like, ‘do you trouble to concentrate on things’, ‘do you have difficulty reading a newspaper’, ‘are feeling low because of some failure’ etc. The answers that you click will go to clinicians who will then prompt with a relevant response. Google believes that people will find this tool useful as NAMI says that over 50% of the people never seek treatment for depression. Google itself has reported that 5% searches on its search engines are related to different health topics.

Research has shown that people who face depression generally take about 6-8 years to start the diagnosis. Majority them fear that treatment further pushes their depression. Many fear the risk of consulting a doctor but with this tool, the process gets more smooth and simple. One in five American today suffers from some form depression.

Though Google is holding great expectations from the tool, it is, however, unclear as to how much the tool will be effective. Many health professionals see the tool as a great and convenient way to fighting depression since everyone today spends their significant time on mobile devices. The tool will eventually become part of their regular routine.