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Wireless Charging On The iPhone 8: Oh It’s True!!! It’s Damn True!!!

Wireless Charging On The iPhone 8

Amid speculation about the latest iPhone 8, one thing is coming for sure that the device looks to have wireless charging. Over the past few months, Apple is trying its best to keep the features and looks of the phone under wraps. Despite the company trying its best efforts to keep the exciting features of the phone out of public eye, many about the highly anticipated device have already been leaked out. Though it is very difficult to pinpoint the specific features of the new iPhone 8 one thing is for sure that it is expected to have wireless charging functionality. Apart from this, there are no 100% sure claims as to what the users can expect when they get their hands on the latest iPhone 8.

The whole internet and the mobile world are abuzz with evidence that point towards iPhone 8 having some great features. There are speculations leading up to the iPhone 8 which just a few weeks away from launch. Recently the internet tasted a glimpse of what could be a possible wireless charger of the new device. Some photos were leaked online in which a device seemed similar to a wireless charging component was seen. Many speculated that this was part of the iPhone 8 kit by Apple. As per some sources close to Apple, it has been all but confirmed that the new iPhone 8 will have a wireless charging option. The team at Apple has been busy trying to develop wireless chargers that charge not just your iPhone but other phones as well, that too at full speed.

Even with all the speculation and leaked online pictures, there is no official confirmation from the company. The wireless charging feature is something that iPhone fans have been waiting eagerly for quite some time now. However many tech experts vary of the fact whether Apple will charge something extra for the newly added feature of wireless charging.