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Cersei of Game of Thrones to Die in Season 8: Prediction of GoT’s Fan Theory Speaks

Game of Thrones

Fan theories of GoT have always created that extra oomph so far and all of the predictions were close and did match eventually as the show went by. Season 7 of Game of Thrones has almost come to an end and new fan theory started showing up, which predicts the death of Cersei. After massive twists at finale’s end where it came with the epic “fall of the Wall”, and Jon Snow’s ultimate revelation of heritage, now comes the perfect death theory of Cersei in Season 8.

The entire series of Season 7 made it feel like Cersei is living an extra life out of her time. Thus this new fan theory seems relevant that perfectly aims at her death and along with it there will be an end to the entire reign of terrors in the house. Further this end will also bring back the much-awaited justice to Tyrion that he deserves.

At one point Jamie and Cersei were the most sensual couple in Westeros, and now Cersei is pregnant with their child. As per the prophecy of Maggy, it says that Cersei will not be having more than three children, then going as per prophecy Cersei will never end up having this fourth child, and thus Tyrion will not be the one to kill Cersei. This only leaves Jamie to kill Cersei, his sister-mistress. There lies a deeper sense to it as he wants to keep his unborn child untouched from the walking dead. This may seem betrayal but no, he is doing this for a much greater cause, a cause for deep love, love for his family and the beautiful memories that they made together.

He is doing so for keeping the Seven Kingdoms safe, and for baby mama-sister and his last remaining child who are going to live there.

One thing could be more dramatic here is that Cersei trying to kill Jamie in order to protect her child, which in a way leads herself to death. Who knows? More can only be said once the show hits the screen. Nonetheless, Cersei’s death is sure in Season 8.