Home News Houston Flooding: United Airlines Diverts International Flights

Houston Flooding: United Airlines Diverts International Flights

Houston Flooding: United Airlines Diverts International Flights

Houston, we have a problem!!! This was the scene over the Houston airspace as torrential rains poured over the largest city in Texas State. There was a similar scene at Dulles International Airport where the corridors were filled with rain water. One of the largest commercial airlines in the United States, United Airlines has ceased all flights to Houston since 9:00 am on Sunday. Many of United’s flights bound for Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport were diverted to Dulles International and other airports in the country.

The flights diverted were all operating on international routes and arrived from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru and São Paulo, Brazil. There were more 1000 passengers onboard these flights. The United employees were asked to do overtime to help the customers stranded at Houston. Not only the red-eyed fliers were given complimentary snacks but a special counter was set up for passengers stranded at the airport.

The flights that were affected were from Calgary which was diverted to Washington DC. The flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina was not only delayed by over eight hours, it was switched to Washington DC in favor of Houston. Since United Airlines does not operate connecting flights, the situation became even worse. The airline representative was ready to help the passenger as the inclement weather turned from bad to worse towards late Sunday afternoon.

The company has already beefed up the team at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. According to an official statement by United Airlines spokesperson, the airline has increased its working capacity in terms of hands. Ever since the first signs of rain hit Houston the team at the airport was increased by 150 more staff. A Boeing 777 was also sent from Chicago to Houston loaded with supplies. The flight which was dubbed as a rescue flight was stocked with food, water and staff to handle the extra people stranded at Houston.