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Push In Nintendo Switch To Meet Demand For The Holidays

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been a hard to find console these days. Many retailers across the global markets have already sold out their stock. They are forced to sell out of the new procurement as soon as they receive the consignment. According to online sources, the new shipment gets sold out in just matter of days. Now Nintendo says it is trying hard to meet demand. In an effort to meet the increasing demand, Nintendo has said that it will ramp up the production. The move is prompted by the fast approaching busy-holiday shopping season which is sure to boost the demand for the hybrid console.

The company has taken into account the holiday period which often results into increased demands. In a recent statement released by the company, Nintendo wants to make Nintendo Switch system available to everyone, especially during the holiday season. At present, the company has officially announced that Nintendo intends to ship 10 million Switch consoles. These consoles will be given to retailers before the end of the fiscal year that ends on 31st March 2018. However, sources close to the company have said the company should increase its production to 18 million units to meet the demands. The company has already picked up the pace for production.

As of June 30, 2017, Nintendo has already sold a staggering 4.7 million Nintendo Switch units globally. The stock of Nintendo has been at an all time high with a rise of 50 percent. The numbers have been high ever since the Switch hit the markets in March 2017. The games like Super Mario Odyssey have been particularly high on demand. With all this going, Nintendo’s market value is set to go for rocket spin.

The Switch still lacks a few things. Though it is a great gaming console, it still lags behind in streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. The gaming fraternity is abuzz with the latest additions that will take place to the Nintendo Switch.