Tyrion Might be Shielding a Massive Secret under Him in Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones first ever grand post-finale is now out here and is quite alluring. When GoT wrapped up with its sixth season last year, the story came to an end with the arrival of the winter. But what we didn’t notice or know was that there was a pretty captivating fold to this reveal. It is, the True name of Jon is Aegon Targaryen, which is just the identical name of the first ever Dragon King, who nearly 300 years ago united the Seven Kingdoms together. And now, when he has grown he is the Iron Throne’s threat to Dany’s Claim.

    However, you may haven’t overlooked the fact that while Daenerys and Jon made sensational, sweet love; Tyrion was being creepy and was skulking outside the door. But that may not at all mean that he was been removed out completely so it was this.

    As per a new theory of Reddit, the weird reaction of Tyrion after watching Dany and Jon together has made the fact clear that he had betrayed them or at least in a minimum sense hidden the truth from them.

    However, a lot more is expected to happen than just the relationship of Jon and Dany within the 80 minutes episode. R.R. Martin’s title of his forthcoming book “The Dragon and the Wolf” was enough to indicate the union story of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

    Particularly considering the first half of the episode when Jon was encouraged by Tyrion at telling better lies to please the people possessing power-this makes a lot of sense. A quote that clearly depicts that how does is it to learn to lie often, even it is a bit. So what will reveal the truth? Probably when in Winterfall Solo when Jamie arrives, and in an ungainly manner tells everyone that his sister doesn’t have any intention to show up. And it is when Dany and Jon realize that Tyrion is holding the truth?