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Hurricane brings Trauma at Texas: The Flood Doomed the City in Every Possible Way


The number of death counts in Texas due to the flood is now reaching to 44. As per Thursday the confirmed death count was 35 and was expected to increase more. When the hurricane came hitting the City the workers at the Tex. Chemical plant was struggling to keep the plant’s volatile chemical cold. The plant had organic peroxides of 19.5 tons that needed to be kept cold for preventing ignition.

But power ran out as flood water knocked the generators of the plant. Also, a liquid nitrogen system fluctuated. In a very moment of crisis thankfully the chemicals were transferred into 9 giant refrigerators along with generators and were moved to a remote place.

Just when the flood water was leaving the city new dangers seem to peek across the South East of Texas on Thursday in the Hurricane Harvey wake. From North East of Houston, loud noises seem to pop. The flood water also had chemical releases as the police officers sniffed and made people aware of the water. There was an explosion as the 6 feet water hit the chemical truck and black smoke covered the area. 15 policemen and paramedics were sent to the hospital.

The flood hit the water tank and there was drinking water scarcity. The city almost became an island surrounded by bayous and swollen rivers. There was no food either. The city is now a place for welcoming danger such as toxic water, alligators, the risk of electrocution molded, etc. even the storm left the city. It left behind a deadly tail. People and children are being warned not to step in the flood water.

100,000 homes got damaged. More than 1,300 chemical plants are situated in Texas, which is surely a matter of risk and danger in flood water. The President Donald Trump assured to donate $1m to the relief efforts. $100m has been announced for rebuilding the Texas infrastructure by the transportation secretary of US.

The rest of the locals were moving toward Northeast on Thursday even in the weakest form. An estimated report by the officials of Flood Control District said that 1,800 square miles of the 70% area was covered with approx 1.5 feet of water.