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Uber’s Hunt for New CEO and Travis Kalanick’s Set Back is Making New Scenes


Uber has known to be with so many complaints and scandals yet when it was continuing to make its reputation better there came another story. Uber Technologies right now is facing some other issue. Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick when resigned from his post last month after having several complaints, he said he is setting down for a greater come back soon as per the report.

Uber’s incoming chief Dara Khoshrowshahi is now facing a contradiction to unity vs. change. On Wednesday at the San Francisco Headquarters, the former CEO sat close and also had an exchange of words. Board member s Ryan Graves and Arianna Huffington were also present.

As per leaks, Khoshrowshahi said all the conversations he had with all the board members were a part of the CEO search. He also concluded saying that he knows there are a lot of criticisms going around but he loves the board and is fortunate that they picked him as their new CEO. It is perhaps the best board and a great judgment he praised.

Uber has a list of reports that surely hit the reputation. It also has to undergo many legal cases and is going under lawsuit due to one of rape cases in India. It is now Khoshrowshahi who has the burden to clear all the mud though it’s quite challenging. In a meeting, Khoshrowshahi also claimed that he is going to be transparent their employees and not stuff them with any extra things.

While the board meeting was going Khoshwowshahi came forward and gave Kalanick a hug and in a mocking way said they only had face time talks due to the fear of media, though deep down it was a message of unity. Now whether Khosrowshahi performs his duty well or not that can only be said once he starts working with the team on Tuesday.

But in the whole process, Travis was appreciated much for their work together in the team for so long. After all, it was his smart business and strategy that turned Uber so great globally. Though the company has many challenges lined up in one and only time will decide.