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A Senior of Moon Area Making Use of Kicks to Raise Money for Cancer

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This season a moon kicker Pittsburgh Nick Morrow is raising money for the paediatric cancer research fund. He is a Moon Area High School senior, who asked people to donate money to the fundraiser he launched for the children suffering from cancer. To every point that he scores this season for the Tigers, he wants people to donate money to the cancer research WPXI Pittsburgh NickMorow.

This is the second time Nick has launched a fundraiser for the cancer cause. Last year also for the cancer attacked children in the honour of his father’s work colleagues he raised $1,500. This is the second year where he has been raising over $1,500. This year his motive to raise money for the cancer research fund came from his friend Sean Nolan, who has been known to diagnose with cancer the last year. His target this year for the fund is $2,500.

He already succeeded in raising $765 after the Tigers topped Ambridge on August-25, with a score of 34-6. In this game Nick Morrow kicked two field goals and four extra points.

On his page of Kick-it (dot) org. Morrow wrote by saying that we all feel worried and uncertain after knowing our close and loved ones has been diagnosed with cancer and that affection brings more grief especially when we know it is a child. This fund raiser is in honour for those children. Thus he continues to do this great cause that he did last year also.