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Is Future here? Jaguar’s Steering Wheel to have Its Own AI System


With every passing day, technology seems to progress rapidly and along with it, it’s bidding good bye to old technologies. Same is happening with the steering wheels of cars that are no more in a stable position in the market today. Once the self-driving automatic cars hit the roads steering wheels will no longer have any future.

But that’s not the case with Jaguar and it is planning to survive in the future market with its steering wheel that will come with its own AI system. A British automaker who has unfolded a concept of the new steering wheel, “Sayer”, that is specially equipped for cars of the future where it drives the car itself and personal ownership of the car is no more than just an ideal thing to it. The wheel will be having AI system of its own, which will be following from car to car. You will simply get hooked once you experience it.

This new concept is named “Sayer” after the prominent designer Malcolm Sayer. This particular feature will be the heart of one upcoming future concept car called the “Future-Type”.

The wheel’s AI system will serve a person as a concierge. It will be linking the person to a service club on-demand, regardless you own the car or not, and will help you to get a ride to your desired destination. For instance, if you have an important meeting you may tell the wheel about it whilst you’re still in your bedroom/living room, and it will get an idea by itself about the exact arrival of the car and will inform you with a required timing for your arrival.

But will this type of stunning thing be in production? No guesses yet. But Jaguar Land Rover seems to have planned such few assumptions regarding self-driving cars of future. It is planning to attach AI system to the steering wheel and you may just want to integrate it to your dedicated device. Your smart phone and cloud service is all that will be requiring. This thought might be a dream, but at least it will give the engineers an idea to come up and stun with such automated concept cars.