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Xiaomi Drawing a Lot of Attention with its Newest Affordable Flagship Smartphones


Xiaomi the Chinese phone maker has earned much reputation for offering quality phones on a good budget. Xiaomi has many attractions ahead in store. Reports have it that the newest flagship smartphones from Xiaomi are to launch just the day before Apple launches its next iPhone. But the Chinese firm has something else to offer and that it has come up with the arrival of a new phone before that date. This is because first time ever Xiaomi has unfolded a new device that will debut running in “Android One Software” of Google, known as the Mi A1.

Today in India Xiaomi launched this device, which is the first to go on the market with the refurbished “Android One software”. The program is especially build to offer a great quality phone at an affordable price. It is also the first Smartphone to go on a sale that doesn’t run on Xiaomi’s MIUI software of its own.

The device will be first launched in India from 12th of September. The timing of the rest of the launches has not into been in news yet.

This Mi A1 5.5 inch sports dual-lens Smartphone with a 12 mega pixel primary camera and 5 mega pixel secondary camera is beyond selling point. The phone has features that we come across on high-end phones.

Thus Xiaomi already has a lot to drag your attention no doubt and now comes how much does the phone costs?

This cost friendly Smartphone Mi A1 from Xiaomi is coming exclusively at a price of $230 approx with a plan to scatter worldwide. Xiaomi said that it targets to sell the device in 40 countries across the globe, among which it will include countries like; Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Taiwan. One thing to notice here is the UK and US is out of the list.