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A Harmful Zika Virus Proves Surprisingly Friendly to Cure Brain Cancer

Zika Virus

A virus named Zika, which is harmful and cause great brain damage among babies proves to be shockingly otherwise to cure brain cancer on adults. Lately, such amazing discovery has been made by the US scientists.

Till date, Zika virus was only considered to be a threat to the health issues globally and not a remedy. But current scientific studies have revealed that this Zika virus selectively chooses and infects the cells that cause almost incurable brain cancer, in adults.

A test has been made where Zika shrivels the massively grown tumours in mice whilst leaving other cells untouched and unaffected.

This Zika has been tested on samples of human cells and seemed to work on it.

Though no trials have been made on humans yet scientists holding a strong belief that this virus could be injected into the brain activity during the same time when the operation takes place to take out the life-threatening tumours from the brain. This was reported by the Experimental Medicine Journal.

The brain of a baby has many healthy tissues and stem cells that can easily be damaged by Zika virus if treated on a regular basis, as per research study. But an adult human brain on the other hand has less stem cell. This notifies that Zika can attack the damaged cancer cell without causing and collateral damages to the neighbouring cells.

There are several types of human brain cancers and Giloblastomas is one of the most common among them and is also very hard to treat. They grow rapidly within the brain and diffuse, making it hard to locate where the tumour ends will end and a healthy tissue can be found.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapies just aren’t enough to cure such fast growing brain cancers.

Thus this Zika virus that is harmful for babies proves to be a life saviour weapon to adult brain cancers.