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Russian ads are Turned Over to Muller by the Dominant Social Media Site Facebook


It was on Wednesday when one of the leading social media networks-Facebook said that most likely a Russian based operation spent US$100,000 on US based thousands of ads promoting in harmonious political messaging based on subjects like immigration, gay marriages, gun and race rights, rather than particularly targeting candidates. It said that thousands of ads are bought from Facebook from accounts that are operated out of Russia.

AN employee of Facebook also said that there were unidentified connections between the Russian “troll factory” and the divisive ads in St. Petersburg, which publishes comments on the social media.

Reuters reported this Wednesday that on a 2016 election, the data on ads bought by a Russia company was turned over by Facebook to counsel Robert Muller.

As said a source similar to the matter, Facebook also gave its detections to Muller, who is a special counsel in charge of the alleged Russian investigating interference in the previous year’s presidential election. The source also said that the company produced copies of data and also advertisements about the buyers. Though any comment to this was declined by Muller’s office.

Facebook stated that it didn’t find any connection between the particular presidential campaign and the Russian-bought ads. It also said that the advertisements were mostly focusing on national issues and did not seem to reflect aiming at any political-swing states.

Facebook said, despite if there were no violation of laws, 470 pages and accounts that were associated with the advertisements ran totally foul to the requirements of the social media for authenticity and thus were suspended after that.

Facebook also cleared that it did not print any of the suspended pages’ name but some of them had names such as “patriot”, and “refugee”.

But findings clearly states that Russia was involved actively in shaping the election.

Lately in June Facebook said to the journalists that it did not find any evidence of the election-related ads bought by the Russian operative in its field.

So, now for a fix, other leaders and Zuckerberg will have to turn to Congress, whilst lawmakers may also look forward to Facebook to get answers on Russian meddling.