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Amazon Opens Bidding Ground for Cities at $5 Billion by Opting for its New Second Headquarters


The giant cloud computing and e-commerce company Amazon.com Inc. commonly known as Amazon is planning to build its second new headquarters and seeking for a location as per an announcement made by the company on Thursday. This could kick off a competition between states and cities to cut down incentives and taxes and that it could open gates for 50,000 new jobs.

The chief executive, Jeff Bezos of this leading e-commerce company stated in an announcement that it has an intention of creating a headquarters “HQ2”, which would be just similar to its office in Seattle. The company is looking for a metropolitan area having over a million people along with an international airport, mass transit, and quality education.

The company is looking for its new home at a cheaper area and score subsidies outside Seattle. The company gave words to offer around 50,000 jobs averaging an annual compensation over $100,000 in the next 10 to 15vyears to come.

After this states and cities instantly started saying it would bid and among them Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Miami. St. Louis and Kentucky are some that are already committed for bidding. A spokesperson of Chicago said that Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago has built a case for his city in discussions with Bezos.

The executive director of a research group that tracks various economic developments named“Good Jobs First”; Greg LeRoy commented that as far his knowledge so far it’s a trophy deal of this decade.

From Mr. Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, who has given Seattle a dimension since he has found the company past two decades, this plan is perhaps the latest surprise from him. With this he even conceals the former chief executive of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who puts the area of Seattle as goal post in his map for tech companies.

In Seattle now, Amazon is the leading corporate employer, which occupies prime office spaces of the city of 19 percent that is way more than any other employer in the huge American City. Last month this was reported by The Seattle Times Report. In attracting Amazon now the incentives of the local Government will be the biggest factor.